How Massage helps eliminate low back pain


Lower back pain – causes, solutions & how massage therapy can help you

One of the most common problems we help heal at Ace Sports Clinic is low back pain.

We love to help people who are suffering from low back pain, either acute back pain or chronic pain, feel better and recover in the most efficient way using our collaborative care approach. Low back pain doesn’t have to slow you down as our team takes your injury personally and provides the latest treatment techniques and exercises to banish your back pain for good.

Treating back pain may seem complicated, but we simplify the recovery process for you with a clear plan. There are many factors involved in Low Back Pain and we help uncover your drivers to set you up for treatment success.

What are some of the causes of Low Back Pain?

1. Some people overdo exercises in the gym resulting in an overload of your tissues. It is important we therefore address your movement patterns, form, and exercise load.

2. Poor posture can lead to muscle tightening, which results in restricted movement and spasms. We help you increase your awareness and understand the best postures to be in.

3. Muscle imbalances can also occur leading to dysfunction and repeat muscle strains & joint sprains. We correct these so you can move in your most dynamic way.

4. Inactivity & being sedentary can also lead to an increase in low back pain through extra weight putting more stress through your spine. We champion healthy lifestyle choices and help you increase your physical activity because we know “motion is lotion” for your back.

How can Massage Therapy help relieve your Low Back Pain?

Massage therapy has been shown to aid the treatment of acute pain and the prevention and management of chronic pain. Massage therapy is associated with reductions in pain and depression that is often present as coexisting conditions in patients who have long-term chronic back pain.

Given the common relationship between physical and mental health, improving your quality of life through relieving pain, alleviating tension, and improving movement, massage therapy can have profound effects on maintaining positive health and well-being.

Massage therapy also leads to improvements in your function such as a better ability to bend your back, walk or run without pain and lift again without discomfort. Eliminating muscle tension results in smoother movement, less stress & improved circulation.

Through total body relaxation, massage therapy has also been shown to improve sleep which can help you be more alert with better focus and productivity.

In summary, massage therapy has so many benefits that can be utilized to remove low back pain, increase performance and improve quality of life.

Call us or book online today to enjoy all the benefits of Massage Therapy. Our Ace Certified Practitioners have years of experience treating and eliminating low back pain for our clients