BFR is a Training method utilized in both strength and conditioning and rehabilitation settings in recent years.  BFR can help fast-track your strengthening and recovery from injury.

Low-load resistance training combined with BFR can help increase muscle strength and hypertrophy.  When combined with aerobic exercise, BFR can also improve cardiorespiratory endurance.  BFR may also be considered to help reduce disuse muscle atrophy and strength loss. 

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training?

Blood flow restriction is the application of a tourniquet to either the upper arm or leg in combination with low load strengthening.  The application of the tourniquet will reduce the blood flow to the extremity.  When the tourniquet is in place low load exercise is performed. Each individual is screened by our Ace Physiotherapists as some medical conditions are contraindicated and the rate of pressure should be measured and individualized for each person.

There is an increased body of evidence to support the use of BFR post injury or surgery.  For instance, one research study demonstrated a reduction of muscle atrophy by up to 35% post knee surgery.

How it works

In order to build muscle, we break it down first.  So often when we start a new exercise or progress our strengthening it will result in muscle soreness post activity.

When we lift heavier weights the metabolic stress and mechanical tension result in depleting oxygen to the muscle as well as the increased blood flow which causes swelling at a cellular level.

When we apply the tourniquet with the BFR it restricts the blood flow leaving the muscle which causes the cellular swelling, fatigue and oxygen depletion similar to heavy lifting.

The BFR Training Advantage

Frequently in rehabilitation situations we are limited by pain and/or limited weight bearing abilities.  BFR gives an excellent option to accelerate your recovery and reduce muscle loss post injury.  This should consequently result in a shorter rehabilitation time and a faster return to sport and normal activities.

Accelerate your healing time and recovery now with BFR Training at Ace Sports Clinic.  Currently offered by our Ace Physiotherapist, Andrea Stephen who also cares for many successful Canadian Athletes including World-Champion Pierce LePage.

Call us or book online today to enjoy all the benefits of BFR Training. Our Ace Certified Practitioner, Andrea has years of experience treating BFR.