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After 34 years of private practice, Registered Physiotherapist Line Troster is pleased to be joining the multidisciplinary team at Ace Sports Clinic. Line brings a wealth of knowledge, skill & passion.

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Osteopathy is a gentle, hands on approach for pain, injury and prevention.

Our Osteopathic Manual Practitioners will identify the underlying cause, rather than just treating your symptoms – ultimately providing lasting solutions.

Overall health is achieved only when you address the needs of the whole body. This is the philosophy behind Osteopathy – the whole body must function together for optimal health. If one part of the body is compromised or injured, then the rest of the body must adapt and compensate for this, eventually leading to inflammation, pain, stiffness and other health conditions. Osteopathy aims to restore balance and promote your bodies natural ability to self heal. It is widely recognised as a safe and effective form of preventative medicine.

Osteopathy focuses on total body health by treating and maximising the function of the musculoskeletal system. This can then positively influence other body systems like the respiratory, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Using a wide range of treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, joint articulation and gentle manipulation – we will improve your posture and body mechanics.


At Ace Sports Clinic, our Osteopathic Manual Practitioners have all undertaken an intensive 5 year full-time degree including a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Osteopathy. This includes extensive anatomy and physiology training as well as pathology, exercise, general medical diagnoses and osteopathic techniques. Following accreditation, all our practitioners undergo further training in the Ace Way and keep up to date with current research through regular professional development. They are well versed in biomechanics, ergonomics, nutrition and exercise rehabilitation.

To see what osteopathy can do for you, call us at Ace Sports Clinic today at 1-833-266-5223 or book online.

Ace Certified Practitioners

Our professional team of highly qualified health practitioners complete advanced training with us prior to becoming an Ace Certified Practitioner.