The Ace Way

Ace Sports Clinics’ Client Care Plan has been developed from extensive experience in the professional sporting world.

Working with elite athletes in the number one position and with corporate high performers in many countries has left no room for complacency. 

We asked why can’t everyone have access to the same level of collaborative treatment and care to help improve their health & performance?

The Ace Way is recognition that you are as important as someone aiming for number one in the world.

We are passionate about improving your health & wellness through our collaborative team approach that delivers solutions for pain, injury rehab & improved performance.

Client Care Plan

Our Client Care Plans are designed to deliver a great experience & best results.

Each Care Plan Includes:

  • Extensive assessment & specific diagnosis
  • A plan to get you moving forward
  • Personalised treatment & exercise program
  • Strategies for lasting change
  • Advice on ways you can assist in your recovery
  • Understanding using the Anatomy APP

Welcome to The ACE Way

Our guarantee we will LISTEN to your needs and provide you with an individualized Client Care Plan.

Client Care Plan – What is it?

The key to all recovery or improvement is to be correctly assessed and given a clear strategy.

The initial assessment at Ace Clinics will become the basis for your strategy & individual care plan. It will give you a clear path and a timeline for success, that is realistic for you and your individual needs. We will be by your side through the whole process and continue to evolve your care plan for optimum results.

The Strategy

A complex issue such as a back injury could require a number of different strategies depending on the type, severity, time since injury, your health history, fitness level, age, etc. Therefore, every strategy should always be different for each person.

Your strategy will be tailored for your injury and your unique situation. It will be clear advice, treatment and training using proven methods at the highest levels.  Specific support and education will be included to help you understand your body and achieve your goals. The Anatomy APP will give you a unique insight on how your body works at its best.

Injury and Pain

Ace Clinics provide guidance on all types of injury and pain.

Injuries are all different, some can heal and improve fast, while others may take longer and require months or years of recovery. Pain management can be anything from acute injury-based pain to long term chronic pain from muscle, joint, tendon or other health issues.

No matter what the injury or pain you must apply exactly the right treatment plan. 

There are no short cuts on the road to recovery or the road to success. With our personalised treatment & exercise programs you will be able to live well and keep playing.

Collaboration: Working in a team

Ace clinics have provided care to individuals & teams at high levels. We have helped inspire high performance and have brought the same culture into our clinics.

When you enter our client care program you are part of our team.

Once your strategy has been written, you will have access to all of our multidisciplinary team and a clear direction of what to do, why and when.

A team mindset

All professional sporting people have a team that communicates and works together in their best interests.  A coach, a therapist, support staff etc.  

Why don’t you?

When you walk through the door at an Ace Clinic our team’s only focus is you.

If your goal is to be out of pain, to improve your health or to improve your sports performance, our team will have a strategy to guide you through.

At Ace clinics no one is alone on their path and no one is left behind because of our team support.

The Ace Way is to work as a collaborative team to get best results & improve the health & wellbeing of our clients. 

Ace Certified Practitioners

Our professional team of highly qualified health practitioners complete advanced training with us prior to becoming an Ace Certified Practitioner.