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Yoga is a physical and mental practice that unites the mind and the body. Our yoga instructors will use a series of bodily postures (asanas) to improve your mobility, strength, balance and proprioception. Yoga also improves our mental health by allowing us to relax and be present and enjoy each and every moment.

A yoga practice consists of a specific sequence of poses that strengthen your muscles while they are in a lengthened position. This is different than stretching – yoga, when practiced properly, will make a lasting improvement in your mobility and you will feel a positive change in your posture, breathing and mood.

Yoga has full body health benefits, in addition to strength and flexibility. It improves respiration, supports bone and joint health and increases core stability. Yoga also helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system – your “rest and digest” response – which can improve digestion, metabolism, and sleep. Recent research has shown that yoga slows cognitive decline and improves mental performance. We will help you to safely incorporate this lifetime practice into your exercise routine to let you move with ease and poise.

All yoga instructors must complete a minimum of 200-hours of specialist training. Our instructors also have years of hands-on experience and advanced training in anatomy and rehabilitation