Ruchi Khanna

Ruchi Khanna - Wellness Coordinator

M.Sc(Hons) Chemistry, B.Ed, OCT

Ruchi is an experienced professional who has previously worked as a high school teacher In India. Ruchi loves science and wanted to pursue a career in the field of medical science. She completed her Masters in Chemistry from Panjab University and obtained her OCT license to teach in Ontario. 

Ruchi is known for her her friendly nature and go-getter attitude. Her background in teaching makes Ruchi confident in her dealings and interactions with clients.

Driven by her client centric nature and superb communication skills, Ruchi takes pride in providing the best possible client customer care.  

In her spare time, Ruchi enjoys dancing to Punjabi tunes and cooking with her mom. 


Sporting Background: Dancing to Punjabi tunes
Interests: Science
Passionate About: Teaching, guidance and client service
Favourite Quote: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” – Jimmy Johnson