Rebecah Chang – Wellness Coordinator

As a wellness coordinator, Rebecah brings related experience as she has an educational background in clinical kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences from Western University. Rebecah also has experience working with patients with diabetes in which she was able to learn the importance of lifestyle medicine and patient education.

Additionally, Rebecah has experience working with many walks of life as she has worked with a myriad of communities in Canada, South Korea, South Africa and Dominican Republic. Each experience has given her the opportunity to practice empathy and is always looking to apply it to her day-to-day life.

Growing up, Rebecah was exposed to and enjoyed many different sports such as tennis, figure skating and badminton but she is now staying active by going to the gym and taking her two dogs, Scooby and Tammy, out for walks.

As a wellness coordinator, Rebecah is dedicated to continuing our excellent Customer Service experience for all of our Ace Sports Clinic clients.

Sporting background: figure skating, Pilates, badminton

Interests: baking, flowers, art, travelling

Passionate about: lifestyle medicine, patient education, chronic disease prevention and management

Favourite quote: “The same morning light that shines on the most beautiful places on earth is shining on you, too.” -Morgan Harper Nichols