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Physiotherapy at Ace Sports Clinic Toronto

Ace Sports Clinic boasts a range of practitioners from different fields who work together as a team to enable our clients to reach their optimal health and well-being. One of the many health & wellness services we offer is Physiotherapy. Book your session today!

What can Physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists can treat a wide range of conditions and can support their clients from infancy all the way through to 99 years of age (or older!)
Examples of conditions that our physiotherapists commonly treat include:
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sporting injuries
  • Runner’s knee
  • Shoulder impingement & Rotator cuff strains
  • Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
  • Ankle sprains
  • Throwing/overhead sport injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Tendonitis & Tendinopathy
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a form of manual, modality and exercise-based therapy which addresses pain, injury and dysfunction in the human body. By using a whole body approach, our physiotherapists work to identify and treat the cause of an injury, and avoid recurrence, optimizing your body’s biomechanics in the process. For example, a common presenting complaint is shoulder pain. One would expect treatment to be focused locally at the shoulder where the pain, and often limitations in movement occur. However, via a detailed assessment our physiotherapists will work to identify and help you understand the contributing factors to why the shoulder is painful and dysfunctional in the first place. This may lead our physiotherapist to look at your neck, mid-back, opposite shoulder, posture, and work related tasks and physical activities.

At Ace Sports Clinic Toronto, our physiotherapists are accredited with both a Baccalaureate background, and Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Following accreditation our practitioners have all undergone further training in various fields and regularly keep up to date with current research with ongoing professional development. They are versed in a range of subjects from extensive anatomical knowledge, to concussion management, exercise rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, acupuncture/Gunn IMS and other modalities, allowing our practitioners to deliver the highest quality of physiotherapy care in Toronto.

What does treatment involve?

During an initial assessment our physiotherapists will ask a range of questions to identify the extent of your injury and develop a clinical picture, including history of the current injury, contributing factors, and pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. They will then use skilled evaluation and diagnostic techniques to identify the areas of dysfunction which will help to identify the cause of your complaint. This includes an assessment of movement, neuromuscular function and strength. Our physiotherapists then employ a global approach to treatment, including soft tissue release, stretching, gentle mobilisation, correcting movement patterns, exercise prescription as well as dry needling or acupuncture and other modalities where appropriate. Treatment also includes advice on workplace ergonomics, sleeping posture and identifying any regions of weakness to then implement an exercise program to develop strength and prevent the injury or dysfunction from recurring. Each treatment plan is personalized to your unique needs and delivered in the comfort of our state-of-the art private rooms.

To see what physiotherapy can do for you, call us at Ace Sports Clinic today 416-792-4223 or book online by clicking here.

Here at Ace Sports Clinic Toronto our practitioners work together as a team to address all the layers of our clients’ injury. By collaborating as a team we have found that this not only helps our clients recover from injury but enables them to prevent their injury from re-occurring and for us to support our clients towards optimal well-being.