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Performance - Personal Training

Come and train in our beautiful space with one of our highly qualified Health & Performance coaches

Health & Performance Coaching

Health & Performance Coaching focuses on an overall lifestyle approach. There are many things that can improve, and diminish, your health and performance, and they should all be considered when we develop a personalized program for you.
Our coaches will get insight from our therapy team to improve and balance your flexibility, stability, strength and power. Our aim to restore proper range of motion, and improve on exercise technique. Our coaches understand the balance needed between selection of exercises, exercise intensity and duration to optimize a program that works for you. Using a combination of assessments, balance, stability, and functional exercises, education and lifestyle advice - we will improve your quality of life.


All our coaches hold University degrees and advanced training in assessment, corrective, functional, and performance exercise. All Health & Performance coaches have at least 10 years of hands on experience with clients.

Biomechanical High Performance Check

A comprehensive musculoskeletal screening for your body - get the winning edge that elite professional athletes regularly use.
We evaluate and check your muscles and joints to ensure that everything is working well. Injury prevention and maximizing your movement and sports performance follow.

Components of our biomechanical high performance check:
1. A thorough assessment of your body movements related to your sport or hobby
2. Joint mobility, Muscle strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Functional movement are all appraised
3. Factors which may be restricting your performance like recurrent injuries or muscle imbalances are addressed
4. A comprehensive program is then devised to help you reach your peak level of performance and achieve your goals
5. Collaboration with you and our experienced exercise specialists to give you the confidence and knowledge required to perform at your best