Michelle Graham

Michelle Graham - Registered Massage Therapy


Michelle Graham is an experienced Clinical Massage Therapist with over fifteen years of practise and an honours degree in Medical Sciences from The University of Western Ontario. She was recently voted Toronto’s Platinum Winner for Best Massage Therapist - Toronto Star, Readers’ Choice Awards Fall 2019, and has also published her first book called Wellness At Home: An Essential Guide While Our Freedom Is On Hold.

Michelle’s treatment sessions consider both the mind and body, a practise she considers more relevant and necessary today than ever before. Her approach is about treating on both an emotional level as well as a physical level. This is holistic healthcare, and has a significant place in modern medicine. This treatment modality plays a vital role in the preventative and restorative fields of healthcare, and is an essential part of one’s health and well-being. Michelle’s treatments are client-focused, and comprehensive incorporating soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, neuromuscular facilitation, trigger point therapy, and active release techniques. The client’s condition will be thoroughly assessed to formulate the goals of treatment, and to ensure that the treatment is efficacious in alleviating the condition being treated.

Michelle feels an individual’s authority over their health can only be established through knowledge. Having extensive clinical experience as a healthcare practitioner, Michelle considers herself an expert in the fields of massage therapy treatment, assessment, health, and wellness. She intends on providing the knowledge and awareness required for proactive living by addressing the individual’s body, mind, and lifestyle. Michelle’s passion lies in helping others live healthier, happy vibrant lives.

Michelle Graham is licensed though the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

Sporting Background: Strength training, HIIT, explosive sprint training, spinning
Interests: Art/Culture, travel, photography, writing/publishing, and her beloved Yorkshire terrier Hugo
Passionate About: Healthy lifestyle, on-going learning (all things health, wellness, and medical), educating and inspiring others
Favourite Quote: “Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Everything heals.” - Unknown