Dmitry Semisotov – Registered Massage Therapist


Driven by the passion to help people, Dmitry enrolled in Massage Therapy at Everest College. After successfully completing his diploma and passing licensing exams, Dmitry started his career in physical rehabilitation and has experience within various multidisciplinary clinics. In his 10 years of practice, Dmitry has focused on studying and working with sports injuries and physical strains.

In his treatments, Dmitry utilizes a combination of deep tissue and sports massage techniques to help his clients improve their specific injury or movement restriction. Dmitry is constantly upgrading and advancing his knowledge through ongoing learning and prides himself on individually tailoring his massage sessions to each client’s needs. He also provides advice on self-care trigger point release strategies and injury prevention to optimize health and improve athletic performance.

Interests: Hiking, exploring, traveling, reading, music, movies, latest technologies
Passionate About: Helping people, education, healthy lifestyle
Favorite quote: “In a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit”