Cristian Ganea - Co-Founder & Registered Massage Therapist

BSc, MKin, RMT

With an extensive background in sciences, kinesiology and high performance training, Cristian is eager to help clients improve general wellbeing and optimize body performance. He holds a bachelor in Physical Education (valedictorian), a Masters degree in Kinesiology and graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. With over a decade of previous university teaching and basketball coaching, Cristian uses in his treatments a unique style of deep tissue massage including myofascial and trigger point release techniques along with dry needling and sports taping. Cristian is a big believer in prevention and maintenance of optimal wellbeing, he is eager to educate his clients and help them achieve a "Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body".

He has previously worked with the following organizations:
Physical Education faculty, University of Oradea, Romania as University Assistant at the Basketball cathedra teaching basketball practical lessons and seminars, organizing and coaching the male university basketball team and also teaching seminars at the management in sports cathedra.
Romanian Basketball Federation as Assisting Coach for "U" Oradea female basketball team enrolled in the national championship first league and also for the LPS Bihorul basketball male junior team.

Sporting Background: basketball, tennis, ski, swimming
Interests: new healthcare technologies, massage techniques, humour, travelling, family
Passionate About: educating people, continuous learning, setting a high level of care and learning new sports
Favourite Quote: "Can't fix it, get a bigger hammer :)”