What Kind of Pain do You Have?


Outlining 3 Types of pain


We commonly treat pain without its definition. This is because a majority of pain patients (over 90%) will have their pain resolve and be fully functioning within eight weeks.  

However, in some cases, pain persists and is not responsive to medication or other treatments. Additional angst and frustration can be caused when medical examination does not yield any meaningful diagnosis. 

Pain is commonly misunderstood because traditional medical diagnosis presumes that pain is only caused by a signal from an injured tissue to the central nervous system. This is true only in part. 

Three types of pain: Nociception, Inflammation, and Neuropathy 

Nociception – an example of this type of mechanical pain is when you stub your toe and the immediate response of the body is to convey a signal from the injured tissue to your brain. 

Inflammation – an example of this type of chemical pain is when there is an acute ankle sprain and a local response in the injured cells result in redness, heat, swelling and loss of function.  

Neuropathy or Radiculopathic Pain – an example of this type of pain is when it is ongoing with no obvious signs of injury and is caused by suboptimal performance of the peripheral nervous system as it exits the spinal column; leading to super-sensitivity and chronically shortened muscles. 

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