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After 34 years of private practice, Registered Physiotherapist Line Troster is pleased to be joining the multidisciplinary team at Ace Sports Clinic. Line brings a wealth of knowledge, skill & passion.

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What Kind of Pain do You Have?

Outlining 3 Types of pain Definition We commonly treat pain without its definition. This is because a majority of pain patients (over 90%) will have their pain resolve and be fully functioning within eight weeks.   However, in some cases, pain persists and is not responsive to medication or other treatments. Additional angst and frustration can be caused


Running Series: What is Patellofemoral Pain?

Anyone who has taken up running is likely to encounter knee pain at some point during their running journey. There can be several causes of knee pain, but let’s start with an intro to the anatomy.  The knee is a hinge joint that involves three bones: the femur, tibia, and patella. The fibula is not