Ashley Frejlich - Yoga Instructor and ELDOA™ Practitioner

Bachelor of Arts & Masters of Science

Ashley is a certified ELDOA™ practitioner and qualified yoga instructor and brings a wealth of education and years of athletic experience to her role at the Clinic. As a former competitive figure skater and cheerleader, she sustained several injuries, which led her to study the body and the mechanisms of injuries and healing. In understanding the body, Ashley’s unique approach incorporates her past training experiences. She intends to achieve ease in movement through deliberate loading, thus her teachings integrate numerous fundamentals, balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science. She has continued to evolve her practice and uses current techniques and methods to better help clients with their injuries, pain, and thus increases mobility. Her specialties include a therapeutic style of conscious corrective exercises for self-myofascial release, core training, spinal decompression, and alignment using the ELDOA™ method.

Articulate and relatable, she is known for her dynamic approach to teaching, infused with humour and heart. She is personally committed to making a difference in the lives of her clients by offering them empowering tools to optimize their vitality, resilience, and overall well-being.

Sporting Background: National competitive Figure Skater and competitive Cheerleader
Interests: Golfing, volleyball, boating and nature
Passionate About: Educating and supporting my clients with proper alignment, focus, flexibility, and balance in order for them to feel better about themselves and their quality of life.
Favourite Quote: "The goal is not to change our nervous system, but to change how we respond to what our nervous system chooses to do."