Meg Withers

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Meg Withers - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

B.Sc.(Clin.Sc), M.H.Sc.(Osteo), NTP

Meg completed her Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. She has years of experience working at two different clinics: a sports clinic and a family health clinic.

She has completed extensive training and courses in kinesiology taping, pregnancy and post-partum care, paediatrics, nutritional therapy (in particular, gut health) and women's health.

Her special interests include hip, pelvis or groin related issues, as well as headaches and chronic health issues. Meg played basketball at a high level in Australia and has suffered many injuries herself. She also has a lot experience treating a multitude of athletes from different sports including Australian Rules football, netball, basketball and runners.

Meg believes that everyone should be their own health advocate and wants everyone to feel empowered to achieve optimal health. She uses a gentle hands on approach using a combination of soft tissue and muscle energy techniques, mobilisation and manipulation.

Meg is dedicated to reaching your short and long term goals in life by taking a holistic outlook on every individual and identifying any nutritional or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your musculoskeletal complaint.

Sporting background: Basketball, netball and athletics
Interests: Nutrition, Aussie Rules football, travelling, keeping fit, food and wine
Passionate about: Optimising health, empower and educating others, striving for the best
Favourite quote: It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, it’s what you think you know for sure that just aint so