Elena Klymenko

Registered Massage Therapist

Elena Klymenko - Registered Massage Therapist


Elena graduated from Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy and has a passion for helping clients re-align their bodies for everyday well-being and optimal performance.

Elena has a background in Kinesiology and extensive experience in teaching Yoga.

Elena’s method of massage therapy is focused on postural correction and injury rehabilitation, with an emphasis on creating a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation to activate the innate self-healing abilities of the body. Elena encourages deep breathing, positive affirmations, and the mind-body-soul connection.

Sporting Background: dance, weight training, tennis, climbing, running, Yoga
Interests: dance, live music, movement arts, continuing education, family and community
Passionate About: Bringing well-being, health and joy into my life and the lives of other people; teaching and sharing tools that work for me such as yoga, meditation, movement, breathing, dance, massage therapy; traveling with purpose - learning new skills and techniques and teaching at retreats in different beautiful destinations.
Favourite Quote: “Work is love made visible” - Khalil Gibran